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Founded in 1976, Grupo PV is today the largest group of companies in Spain focus in the insulation and passive fire protection of building structures and industry. With HQ in Barcelona and customers around the world, Grupo PV manufacture fire protection mortars and intumescent coatings, implemented by a commercial excellence management, the most efficient supply and a passionate team.

Since 2011 we belong to RPM international, a leading holding company in the sales of building materials and materials for the industry, such as fire retardant mortars, intumescent paints, coatings and flooring.

Business Areas

Perlita y Vermiculita develops systems for passive fire protection

Perlita y Vermiculita has been more than 35 years develo-ping systems for passive fire protection to ensure the safety of people and its clients’ real state.

This business area develops, manufactures and distributes fireproof mortars, intumescent paints, firestop barriers and panels.

Perlita y Vermiculita products have been designed and tested according to the Technical Code of Edification and the Fire Safety Regulations in Industrial Establishments in accredited laboratories.

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Ignifugaciones Argos applies systems for passive fire protection

Ignifugaciones Argos is the business area focused in the application of systems for fire protection in warehouses, buildings and industries.

Thanks to 25 years experience of the application of systems for fire protection, our team has positioned itself as the major application of passive fire protection systems.

For this reason the main construction and engineering companies in Spain and Europe rely on our services.

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Perlindustria: raw & expanded minerals - Criogenic perlite

Grupo PV began its own production of perlite in 1999. Due to the increase of applications the company creates 2002 Perlindustria. Its main lines of business are:

Manufacturing of expanded perlite and vermiculite for applications in construction, industry and horticulture.

Production and installation of cryogenic perlite, LNG tanks, cryogenic tanks and cold boxes.

The supply of perlite and vermiculite as raw materials for thermal and acoustic insulation systems.

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  • Numància 185, Entresuelo
  • 08034 Barcelona
  • Metal, 7. Pol. Ind. San José de Valderas
  • 28918, Leganés (Madrid)
  • Cantera Pabellón, 118-119. Pol. Ind. Asua Berri
  • 48950 Asua‐Ernadio (Vizcaya)
  • Garraf, s/n. Pol. Ind. Can Prunera
  • 08759, Vallirana (Barcelona)
  • Aljibe, 19. Pol. Ind. Ctra. de la Isla
  • 41703, Dos Hermanas (Sevilla)

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